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Medical Tourism, Affordable Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic Dental - Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego Riverside

Welcome to Global Medical Excellence

GME is dedicated to providing affordable access to the finest surgeries in the United States and abroad. These include major surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, special surgeries such as CCSVI and spinal implants, and dental implants. Its mission is to make it possible for patients to take advantage of domestic and international differences is surgical costs, quality of surgical care, access to the latest technologies and procedures, timely access to surgeries, and regulatory environments.

Unlike most “medical tourism” companies, GME arranges for surgeries in the United States for foreign nationals with emphasis on the Arab Gulf countries, as well as surgeries for US residents in other countries. The surgeries in the US are performed in major hospitals in California and other select US states, and in highly specialized, accredited surgery centers. Surgeries overseas are performed in a select set of countries with state of the art facilities that meet the highest standards.

All GME surgeries, no matter the country, will be performed by Board certified surgeons (US or European equivalents), in internationally accredited hospitals and medical centers (JCI or its equivalent), with outstanding service and VIP care at very competitive prices. Package deals to include surgery, flights, hotels, ground transportation, a care manager, etc. may be arranged by GME and its affiliate FlyGTE.

GME’s care extends from the moment the patient arrives to his/her destination to the moment the patient is medically discharged. A Care Manager will be assigned to each patient to maximize the quality of the experience and the comfort level associated with the surgery. Attention to all reasonable requests will be accorded the patient and those accompanying him/her.

Global Medical Excellence (GME) now operates in the United States, India, Dubai, Lebanon and Costa Rica. In the United States we facilitate major surgeries for patients from any country seeking the finest surgical care in major US hospitals and surgery centers. GME facilitates most of its plastic surgeries in California with the finest US plastic surgeons mostly from the Newport Beach, and Beverly Hills areas. Plastic surgeries are also performed overseas through special arrangements. Total body lifts are performed in India by experienced, US Board certified/trained surgeons.

Major surgeries for US residents are facilitated by GME largely in India (all in JCI accredited facilities). All dental implants are directed to the US or Costa Rica depending on the wishes of the patient. GME assures every patient of the highest quality total care at the lowest cost.


For more information about high quality, low cost surgical options, call us today at:

(United States) 714-660-4748

(International) 714-660-4748

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Major Surgeries

Low Cost SurgeryCardiovascular, gastric, neurological, oncology, and orthopedic surgeries are performed by highly qualified Board certified surgeons in the United States and abroad.

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Plastic Surgeries

Plastic Surgery AbroadGME provides access to cosmetic surgeries performed in the US and in India. Most of the cosmetic surgeries in the US are done in California by highly reputable, Board certified plastic surgeons.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry AbroadA perfect smile and a healthy mouth are possible with GME. Access to the best Dental Implants centers in the US specializing in the science and the art of dentistry is assured through GME. Cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica is also possible through GME.

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