Testimonials III

Dear Dr G

I understand Mr Flello sent an email today, regarding feedback reference his knee transplant surgery in Mumbai India earlier this month. As a travelling companion to Mr Flello I would also like to add my comments to his.

Your Mumbai locality Care Manager, Girish Herlekar was excellence personified, every problem that raised its head was dealt with immediately, turning them into a minor inconveniences. I spent a lot of time with Girish who explained local customs & smoothed our path. Our searches for the right hotel in the correct area for the second second week of our stay were exhaustive & fruitful. His attention to detail & willing attitude, were most helpful in smoothing our path whilst in a foreign country.

The Fortis Hospital West Muland Mumbai was an excellent choice, we went as far as referring to the hospital as "the Hotel".

The surgical team led by Dr Bhonsle were vocal in their explanation of procedures & carried out the surgery with great aplomb, in fact I would go as to say "could not be bettered". He was a true gentleman, visiting once per day overseeing all aspects of Mr Flello's recovery.

The hospital staff were efficiency itself, many members of staff calling in each day to make sure all aspects were being catered for & when there were minor problems, staff tried their best to rectify all points raised. All our needs were discussed & implemented, from the catering staff, the cleaning staff, the administration staff & lastly to the Nursing staff who need an extra large pat on the back for their attitude to caring for patients & travelling companions, well done to them all .

What was considered to be a possible traumatic experience, went in fact as smoothly as one would wish, so should any on your future clients need re-assurance from the someone in the UK who has already experienced the trip, please fell free to pass on my contact details.

Kind regards

Terry W., Birmingham, England
Unilateral Total Knee Replacement

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